Photos shared by Cascade Operations employee John Stevenson

September 12, 2017

I wanted to pass along a photo that was recently taken on a retail asphalt delivery out of the IMC Cascade Plant. The attached photos were taken during a delivery for the Valley County Road and Bridge Department on a bridge overlay which crosses the South Fork of the Salmon River, an important Salmon habitat in Central Idaho near Yellowpine. This remote area can only be accessed on primitive single lane roads and is nearly an 8 HR round from the asphalt plant located in Cascade. Remote this location is but still, the roads surrounding this area of the South Fork of the Salmon River are paved in order to protect the river habitat from turbid runoff waters. As and IMC employee, and a fisherman, I am proud to be a part of the solution that protects these resources for the future.

  • Southfork
  • delivery for bridge overlay