“The reason for my letter is, Wow!!!”

April 6, 2017

My name is Bill Leaton and I’m the manager for CMCI and I run the conveyor Trucks here in the Boise area. I’ve worked with Idaho Materials many times. The reason for my letter is, Wow!!! ¬†Awesome job on your Transfer Truck Drivers. I live in Kuna and the bridge on Fourth street was replaced and your company did the paving Friday the 31rst. #1 your trucks always look good. No missing flaps and tires always look great and tarps always on covering the loads. After I went into my home I hear the short honking of a horn for backing up and tell myself, nice. These drivers are in a neighborhood where little ones are playing and a few speed demons like to see how fast they can go in a 25 mph speed zone, every time they backed up, I heard the horn. And the other thing I noticed, no idle time. Motors shut off when done hooking up. When they came into my neighborhood, very slow, and professional. Safety Vest and hard hats on. Trailer lights blinking when tubs were in trucks. Like I said, Wow! I hope my drivers are at least half as good as the team at Idaho Materials and Construction. ¬†Thanks again, Bill.